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_-={Passionate Freedoms}=-_ _-={Passionate Freedoms}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yet another great track

I like this piece quite a bit, as I do all your works, and I think previous reviews have gotten all the points I wanted to make about technical stuff, so I'm not gonna make this a very long review.

There's only one thing I have to say, but it's one that could be applied to everything you write, since I've noticed it in many of your pieces: your pieces often don't move very much. Classical music should take the listener on a journey.

Take Chopin's Ballade no. 1, for instance (I've been working on this piece for a little while now, so it's very much on my mind, lol. google it if you haven't heard it before). It takes the listener on a journey, from the first few soft, gentle notes, travels through a power ~10ish minutes, and finally comes to an end. Sure, the listener hears themes come back, but they're varied enough so that the listener still feels the journey continuing. Now let's go back to your piece.

You can't very well have a journey when you cycle through the same set of chords the entire piece! The chords are all the same length, also: 1 measure, assuming you're in 4/4. This makes for a very dull journey, to be frank. I'm sorry, but it's true. Sure, you vary it as much as you can for having the same repeated chords, just isn't the best that you're capable of. I know none of us will be as great as Chopin, but you can always strive for that level of mastery!

I know I sound very harsh, especially considering it was your advice in the beginning that brought me to where I am now, but do notice that I still gave you a 10. This is great for NG...but strive to be better than NG! (sorry NG composers...most of you suck) I look forward to your next composition

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MaestroRage responds:

I don't mind at all Dave, you are right to sound harsh, frankly this was an older piece, though that should be no excuse. I used to have the "recycle" syndrome as I call it, which is pretty much me using the same segments/chords again and again because I feel there is always something more I could do with that chord, and then after several hours of messing around with that chord, my ear becomes too used to it to change the chord without it sounding "wrong" if you know what I mean.

I also realize that classical pieces are supposed to take you on wild and exciting journeys *unless it's a sad journey :'(*, and though I do have some lengthy pieces, they cannot be uploaded here, and many of the early ones heavily suffer from "the recycle syndrome".

Don't worry my friend, I will always strive for that higher level, slowly i'm getting there. The lack of theory is proving to become a real burden lately, forcing more time to be spent on that, and less on actual music works.

Thank you for the review Dave, I truly appreciate it!

Nocturne no 8 Adagietto mesto Nocturne no 8 Adagietto mesto

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work!

My o my, I've just stumbled upon one of the greats of NG. :)

The first measure disturbed me for whatever reason. That third note wasn't what I expected. lol. I grew to like the piece quite a bit though. This piece has a great deal of emotion, especially towards the end, and this is either the result of meticulous programming or excellent playing, more likely the latter, lol.

I loved the melody after I got used to it.

I don't have too much to say as this is a short

If you could send me the sheet music for this piece and your Prelude no. 7 Lento Elegante, I would very much appreciate it. My email is

Just a shameless little comment here:
I'm looking for the more respected composers here at NG to review my work, and as you are one of the best, I'd love for you to take a listen. Thanks!

Winterwind-NS responds:

i took a look at ur pieces and they were pretty nice man, ive only heard ur recording of the brahms rhapsody so far.
and i sent the sheet music

have fun!

_-={Crumbling Cathedral}=-_ _-={Crumbling Cathedral}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Job!

My oh my, what a great voice!

I love your music, because it all tells a story, so precisely what you want it to be. The use of the organ and the voice showed the "cathedral" part of the title quite obviously, and the mood of the piece showed the "crumbling" part of the title.

Mechanically, this piece is great. I think this piece, and all your works, could be so much more, though. I feel that all your music is in distinct parts, and have only the instrumentation and mood of the piece keeping it together. Introducing a theme and re-introducing it throughout the piece subtly is often a great way to tie everything together, even if you have different moods throughout the piece. Of course, with pieces this short, it's not that big of a deal, but I know that MaestroRage will become so much more in the future, and you may want to chew on that idea.

I'm nitpicking, I know. That's my bad habit in reviews, and that's why I don't do it often. lol.

Just a bit of shameless advertising: I'd love to have more respected composers listen and review my work! You know me too, Maestro! I just changed my name.

MaestroRage responds:

No I appreciate the honest review, I know exactly what you mean, lately i've been trying to keep away from re-using notes or melody lines to a minimum, with time and experience i'm slowly starting to turn away from the "recycle" syndrome as I call it.

One day I hope to become something better, bigger ultimately to try and help as many people as possible. I never plan on selling this music, so yes, maybe ;).

In any case, I've dropped by your page Dave, and I'm really impressed. I'm going to keep a close eye out on you. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!